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The Numpties Play… Princes of the Apocalypse

Men of a certain age, some with beards, eat and sleep poorly for one weekend every three moons or so to try and prevent elemental annihilation in this adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game. Probably.

Join shameless Caramon-Raistlin knock-offs Geth and Malcor Stormwind, unpronounceable and dappy elven Ranger Quelenna Sienrudel, a long way from the green green grass of home gnome priest Janner Softwood and the foppish naturist barbarian half-human (not racist) Thrush – I mean Thursh Asayak as they bumble their way – articulately, but lacking in direction, through the Dessarin Valley in search of adventure.


Home Page

The Numpties play... Princes of the Apocalypse AuntieClimax