The Kind Heart of King Thorhild Flametongue


A great diamond the size of a fist mounted in a medallion shield of mithril and gold. The heavy chain links are worked without visible seam, rolled and joined by smiths arts of exquisite skill and ancient wisdom. Dwarven runes read “Let none doubt the kind heart of Besilmer’s King.” Although etched with dwarven runes, the amulet is clearly not made by dwarves. Staring into the diamond is hypnotic, with the facets seeming to move of their own volition.


If you are dying at the start of your turn whilst wearing the gem, you will automatically stabilise. In addition whenever you roll a hit die to recover wounds, double the number of HP it restores. The bearer of this gem feels intense waves of guilt, pangs of conscience, when considering an action of dubious morality.

The Kind Heart of King Thorhild Flametongue

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