The Gorgon Staff


An ancient grey-green staff of sinuous, slick and warm metal covered in vile runes venerating some long lost evil goddess. Repulsive to Celestials and the Holy, the staff writhes in one’s hand – or seems to. The butt of the staff is curiously carved with spirals and teeth as if it may fit some great gate lock or sinister mechanism.


Speak “Gorgon Strike!” (Bonus action) to transform the head of this staff into an animated venomous snake for one minute. On a successful melee attack, the staff does 1d6 piercing damage and the target must make a DC15 CON save or take 3d6 poison damage. Speak “Sleep Gorgon.” (Bonus action) to return the staff to normal. The snake head has AC15 and 20HP and is fully healed when commanded to sleep.

The Gorgon Staff

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